Dani Lee Hutch has always loved a good story. From an early age, she would often be found with a book in hand or at the movies. When she began her private piano studies, it didn’t take her long to discover she had found another outlet for storytelling at the tips of her fingers. Originally from Ohio, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance from Cedarville University in 2016 and is now working towards a Masters of Music in Music Direction for Theatre from Arizona State University (upcoming graduation in 2019).

Dani Lee Hutch has always sought to tell stories through the bridging of the classical and musical theatre spheres. She has served as a collaborative pianist to both classical and musical theatre singers, been a rehearsal pianist for operas, choirs, and musical theatre productions, and has both music directed and choreographed theatrical productions. As a conductor, she aims to communicate with audiences through her service as liaison between the vocalists and orchestra. Her work as a solo pianist and vocalist has incorporated elements from the classical repertoire as well as the musical theatre canon, culminating in well-rounded artistic experiences.

After graduating from Cedarville University, Dani spent the summer in Falmouth, MA, as a rehearsal pianist/assistant choreographer at the College Light Opera Company. Upon returning to Ohio for a year, she worked at Wright State University as a musical theatre staff accompanist. During her time at Arizona State University (ASU), she has served as a graduate teaching assistant, accompanying musical theatre classes, music directing both mainstage and student lab productions, and vocally coaching undergraduate students. She also taught the class “Singing for the Actor” in ASU’s theatre department and has done multiple guest talks regarding auditioning for musical theatre. In the summer of 2018 she was the children’s summer camp music director at Childsplay Theatre and Phoenix Theatre. Dani was awarded an AriZoni Award for her music direction of A New Brain at ASU in 2018.

When she is not in rehearsal, Dani is still often found with a book in her hand; she loves to travel, visit her family and friends, experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, and spend an outlandish amount of time looking at puppy pictures. You can visit Dani Lee Hutch on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.